Hi, I’m Melissa, and I’m a writer.

Does that sound like I’m introducing myself at a recovery meeting?  It would be appropriate, I suppose, if I wanted to recover.  But I don’t! (Sense the glee!)

I’ve been writing my whole life, stories about my pets having a secret magical world, about my brothers disappearing (ha), about princes and pirates and love stories (oh my!).  An active imagination has gotten me though some crazy things, not the least of which was being an Air Force brat – moving that much means you shuffle friends, A LOT.  SO, sometimes, reading and writing WERE my friends.

Now, in my 40’s (gasp!), I have friends that I adore, a husband that puts up with my special brand of crazy with humor (and cocktails), 2 fantastic kiddos that only drive me a little nuts (mostly), and 3 dogs that we spoil ridiculously.  I read (lots), cook (and eat!), garden (weather permitting, here in Colorado) and endeavor to keep my husband busy refilling my wine glass.  That part is actually pretty easy.

I am at a point in my life where I can make the time to write, although, most days it’s more like I write, and then other stuff doesn’t get done.  So I suppose what I’ve done is reprioritize.  There’s a sexy word for you!

I’ll be blogging when I have something interesting to say, or something stupid, depending.  Ask me questions, tell me what you want to hear!

Looking forward to hearing from you all and expanding my world a little bit more!  Feel free to contact me here at the site, or directly at melissa (at) melissamichellegreen dot com.