A Brand New Site!

Time for a fresh new start! What do you think of the new digs?

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  1. Iced spiral says:

    So, sex. Sex is the thing no one can legitimize. Who knows what the other side is thinking as you go through your fantasy. Often you find your fantasy is like you can tell heaven from hell but you are only seeing yourself in someone’s other fantasy, wishing they were on the same ground as you. That is when you are lost. That is the thing that makes us all afraid. It is this moment that all authors take advantage of us.e
    The good sex acts on script use this to capture the believers. The great sex acts capture the whole thing. It is after all, the great painter in Anna Karenina as well as Anna herself. Never satisfied and knowing perfection is just a brushstroke away. It is very true. I knew a red headed girl going for a lunchtime tryst and saying don’t judge me for this. Like I had some other option. Still, I didn’t. It just made my vision a bit clearer.
    Sex costs you least when you pay for it and costs you most when you didn’t, listen to the Doobie brothers tell you about the fool believes. It makes you feel no pain in the brain when she pulls a knife and asks your money or your life.
    Sex is Mr. Green not giving in without a fight. A complicated thing that can captivate the few and then captivate the many.
    It may be an intrinsic thing. It might be learned. It may be captured.
    It may be that the finding is something of itself. Of course it always stops with the ego.

    But play with that. Hero girl.

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